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Saudações Egberto

Delia Fischer makes an homage to Egberto Gismonti in her latest CD

Since childhood, Delia Fischer has been devoted to the albums of  Egberto Gismonti. It easy to imagine her as a little girl with the LPs surrounding her bed, the volume turned up, listening over and over to sides A and B. The girl grew up and chose to make a living in music. She became a renowned pianist, began composing and writing arrangements and then one fine day she decided to sing. In 1999, she happened to work with Egberto. He produced and released her album, Antonio on his label, Carmo/ECM, which had great repercussions throughout the world. The album’s name was chosen as a tribute to her son.  From there was born the friendship between these two musicians.

Delia Fischer always dreamed of revisiting the work of Egberto Gismonti – literally revisiting: dressing up themes with new arrangements, writing lyrics to classic instrumental compositions, and putting her stamp as a producer on the works of this multi-instrumentalist and composer. The CD,Saudações Egberto, is the result of this dream. Not coincidentally, the song, “O Sonho, from 1969, was chosen to open the disc. “It was the year that man landed on the moon. Written over 40 years ago, the lyrics to this song speak of environmental issues that still resonate to this day. Sacha Amback contributes with a beautiful electronic interlude”, she says smiling.

The record was released in 2011 during a run at the Arena do Espaço SESC Copacabana. Delia was accompanied by Pedro Guedes (guitar, bass andviolão tatu), Peter Mibielli (violin, cellolino, mandolin, fiddle and guitarrinha) and Naife Simões (percussion, drums, flugelhorn and vocal percussion) – the same band from the record. The shows also featured Paulinho Moska and the subject of the homage himself, Egberto Gismonti. On the CD, Moska sings with her on the track, “Um Outro Olhar/(Pêndulo),” whose lyric by Ronaldo Bastos was especially commissioned for the record. Egberto plays his trademark, 10-string acoustic guitar on the title track, which he co-wrote with Paulo Cesar Pinheiro.

In choosing the repertoire, Delia listened again to all of the master’s recordings, “which are still current and incredibly exciting and made me want to play, compose and enter into his musical universe, with the great advantage that I can now do so with a certain maturity and even add some of my own vision” she added. She paid particular attention to the early output of the composer, his most “popular” period, from the 1970’s and 80’s, when he worked largely in the song format with lyrics or instrumentally. “Egberto is a musician who has all of the tools to create symphonic works, songs and even has the gift of improvisation, as did the great masters of the nineteenth century. His music is one which profoundly transcends genres and knows no stylistic boundaries while, at the same time, keeping the focus squarely on Brazil”, she says.

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