Delia Fischer



Massimo M. Milano

Music critic – Italy

In an age like ours, where the threshold of attention with respect to any aesthetic and cognitive experience does not exceed thirty seconds, reappropriating of time and its value it is perhaps the most revolutionary gesture that can be conceived. And that’s exactly what Delia Fischer did, taking eight years to accomplish what is probably the most consistent and representative work of her entire career.

“Tempo Mínimo” gives life to a sonic world of its own, in which the pianist, singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro – using the minimal format of the song – reflects on life, relationships and feelings, observing them in the context of everyday experience. And she does so through a very personal writing, made up of original timbre solutions, register shifts and surprising stylistic syntheses that play in tandem with the musicality of words (always chosen with extreme care), building twelve micro-stories that together make up a bittersweet narrative that resembles a sound novel.

Far from clichés and from complacent and glossy exoticism, this is the new music that comes from Brazil. Local and at the same time universal, full of lyricism and evocations, but also indisputably contemporary. Characterized by a sound that has metabolized all the history and tradition, taking them one step further, in a direction that is still unexplored. And it is precisely there that we will have to look at whether we would like to understand something more about ourselves and our time.

Delia Fischer